An Apology, <Date>

by <Full Name>, <Title>, <Abbrv of Workplace Name>

On <Date of Offense>, I foolishly wrote an insensitive <Offending Medium> that evoked a racial stereotype regarding <Subject Matter that was Offended>. At no point did I intend any hurt, humor, or offense, and only after seeing many responses did I see the harm I had done. My thoughtless words brought shame and disapprobation not only upon myself, but upon my colleagues and a <Workplace Classification/Industry> that I love. Living the life of the mind at <Workplace Name> among stimulating colleagues for the <Length of Time at Workplace> has been the highlight of my life.

I thus deeply apologize, to my <Consumers of Offending Medium, Readers, Listeners, etc>., my colleagues, <Customer or Customer Type>, and the world, for the pain and hurt that I've caused. I apologize especially to <Offended Group, Generally Blacks or Jews>. I was too slow to see how what I said could suggest ill racial intent. I say this not to excuse myself, but to explain. I will work to learn from my mistake and become more sensitive to the concerns that I neglected here. I welcome suggestions for training programs, readings, and other appropriate activities.

Racism, especially when institutionalized, is a grave injustice. I want no association whatsoever with racist acts or attitudes. So again, I deeply apologize to anyone I've hurt, and I promise to work hard to keep this from happening again.